Emergency Assistance Application Process

Initial Application

Pick up an application (TA-1) and the document verification form from the Trustee’s office during regular business hours or print the forms from the website.  

Gather Documents

Use the document verification form as a checklist to gather required and supporting documentation.

Complete Application

Fill out the application completely using the supporting documentation (values should match).  Make sure that all household members over the age of 18 sign the application. 

Deliver Application and Documents

Deliver the completed, signed application and all supporting documentation (office staff will make copies) to the Trustee’s office during regular business hours. While there, schedule an appointment for an interview. If any additional information is needed for your interview, you will be contacted. 

Attend Interview

Attend the interview. Failure to be on time and/or bring any additional documentation will result in the appointment being rescheduled or your request being denied.  A decision may or may not be made at the time of the interview. The Trustee has 3 business days to make a decision. 

Trustee’s Decision

Once a decision has been reached, you will receive notification from the Trustee’s office. If assistance has been granted, a voucher will be ready for pick up during business hours. 

If additional assistance is requested within the 6 month period of your initial application, a supplementary application (TA-1B form) and updated supporting documentation are required. Supplemental applications can be obtained from the Township Trustee’s office or from the website.