Porter County Aging and Community Services


Porter County Aging & Community Services (PCACS) extends a helping hand to seniors, the disabled, and the low income by providing compassionate services to improve their quality of life while maintaining their dignity and independence. Their services include the following:   

ENERGY ASSISTANCE-  PCACS administers several Energy Assistance Programs including EAP, and NIPSCO Cares Hardship. Through the Energy Assistance Program, they assist low-income households with winter heating expenses and summer cooling expenses. This program helps those in need to avoid service disconnection, reconnection fees and deposits.  For more information, call 219.464.9736 and enter 1.    

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES-  PCACS offers door-to-door demand-response transportation service for the disabled and/or elderly residents of Porter County.  For more information, call 219.464.4302.     

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE-  As an administrator of the United Way Emergency Assistance Grant, PCACS helps clients with such emergency situations as medical and housing repair expenses as well as mortgage or rent payments and car repairs.  This fund is for community members who are stable but come across a challenge where they need assistance for a one-time event. For more information, call 219.464.9736.    

PCACS also administers other programs such as the Ramp Program, SHIP, Section 8 Housing, and a Food Bank Distribution site. For more information about these helpful resources, click on the link above to visit their website.