General Guidelines

General Guidelines

This section is just an overview and does not reflect all of the eligibility guidelines.  To view Liberty Township’s Township Assistance Guidelines, click on the assistance tab and choose forms from the drop down menu or visit the Trustee’s office to view a paper copy.


* Must be a resident of Liberty Township

* Must provide valid ID for all household members over 18 years of age

* Must provide social security cards for all members of the household

* Must provide income verification for all members of the household

* Provide proof of benefits that are received or have been denied

* Required to complete the application and interview process

* Meet the income requirements based on the current Federal Poverty Guidelines

* Provide paid receipts to verify how 80% of the household income for the last 30 days          was expended

* Must be employed, actively seeking employment, or medically exempt from working

* Provide a copy of current bill for the assistance being requested

* Required to apply for other assistance programs

* Be willing to participate in the Workfare Program